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Welcome Classic Cycle Restorers & Riders
Over time we are looking to gradually list our entire inventory, so be sure to always check back in to see what we have listed











Please note, All prices are in AU$
NOS (New Old Stock)- is a term meaning item is factory new, at time of manufacture.
Generally these items can be upwards of 60 years old, and although they are still new and unused, may not be in pristine condition, or to today’s standards.
Please be aware that that some finished may be dulled off, pitted, or not of the highly polished finish of something “New” of today.
NEW – is a term for any product that has been re manufactured, but not used.
Used– is a term for any original part that is used, and may be worn. These items are sold “as is”, may have wear, or need repair. Please ask questions before purchasing if need be

 All items will include tracking numbers as standard, The “Extra Cover” option is for insurance.

If you require insurance on your item, please add it to post options in the checkout. We pride ourselves on packing items correctly and safely, although we can not control the post system for lost or damaged items, nor will we be held responsible for it. If an item goes missing we contact the post system with the tracking number, but the first question they ask is “Does this item have insurance ?” If no, there is little we can do.  These matters are very rare, but can happen. 



Please take the time browsing the store, or search using part numbers or key words.
Many of our items are genuine NOS, and in most cases still in factory packaging.
If a part is showing out of stock, please message us to see if we have more, or possibly same item in used condition


If we don’t have the part listed you are after, feel free to send us a message.

For more images of our restorations and the showroom, Be sure to check out our Gallery